Sunday, December 6, 2015

Writing Plans for 2016

It's that time of the do my weekly blog which is only 3 months behind.

As I'm clearing the semester out and almost finished with my five finals, I am trying to figure out my schedule for 2016 as far as my writing goes.  Of course, I have lots to consider with Caliber Comics as well as the Deadworld Zombie Soda and a few other things, but one thing at a time.

Coming next year are two short stores that I wrote for two different anthologies but I'm not sure of the exact schedule.  I have a series that is already underway coming from Source Point Press called "The Savants" and that is being drawn by Seth Damoose.  There will be much more on this in a couple of months as we'll wait until issue 3 is nearly finish before we formally start to push it.

I get asked about Deadworld all the time and yes, I am working on the next script for well as other Deadworld "stuff".   When I can be more specific on the series, I'll discuss it more but there is so much other Deadworld material that should be arriving before then.  First off, there is the complete collection of ALL Deadworld material in a series of graphic novels, newly printed.  It will be 22 books in all (that's a lot of zombies).  Also, a new series from writer Gary Francis and artist John Marroquin along with Christopher Sanchez and Tony Miello, should debut soon.  That will be dealing with the duo of Punk and Eddie.  The "Art of Deadworld" should be coming in the spring sometime.

There will also be a new book for Deadworld featuring an anthology of prose and I will be joined by a great cast of writers to give some varying views of Deadworld.

I am also working on a new Saint Germaine series but too early to get into many details but it will likely be called "Faith".    I have a couple of other projects that I need to finish and/or add a short story to flesh out  and these include "Subversives", "No-Man's Land", and a few projects that I created but turned over to other writers to develop such as "Disciples",  "Level X", and "Searchers".  These will finally see print although have been available on digital platforms.

Two books I'm thinking about and I get asked all the time about these are not comic stories.  One is the History of Caliber and I may put together a small book on that.  I get asked so often about the details and so many requests to do a history of the company.  I plan on it to be a chronicle of everything that happened but not necessarily a "tell-all" book because there was very little drama involved through the history of the company.

The second book is harder for me to tackle and that's a book on writing comics.  Again, I get asked often about doing something like this as I imagine a lot of comic writers do.  I feel a bit egotistical in tackling this but I plan to approach it as how "I" write comics and some of my thoughts regarding being a comic scribe.  I don't plan to get into the mechanics of writer per se, but just some of the guidelines I use and some things to think about.  On one hand, so much of it seems obvious, but then I remember, it wasn't to me when I started.  Also, I see so many of the same mistakes when I get submissions, I often think about putting a guidelines together and it seems to be growing.

I figure that should keep me busy for a few months.


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