Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy Year After All

It was a year that started off slowly as far as getting my written works out there but it's coming together pretty fast towards the end of the year.

March saw CHILLERS volume 2 come out and that had one of my short stories in there, a tale called "A Mother's Beauty".

In September, NIGHT PIECES, a collection of some of my short stories came out from Transfuzion.

October saw ZELDA'S ZOMBIE ZOO from Binary Publishing and BOOK OF THE TAROT from Transfuzion.  Both were projects done featuring primarily local artists.  Zelda was a children's book with a zookeeper giving a tour of her zombie zoo and was a fun full color book.  Tarot was similar to books I did in the past with Caliber as it was an overview of the tarot cards and each of the major arcana was drawn by a different artists.  Both books will be available soon from Amazon.

In a couple of weeks, the first issue of DEADWORLD: RESTORATION will be coming out from IDW.  As with War of the Dead, it will be full color from artist Sami Makkonen.

I have three projects that should be coming out at the beginning of 2014.  One of them will be going the kickstarter route early in the year and I'll be announcing it here, of course.

Lots of other stuff coming along for later this year and/or early next year.  Just waiting for a couple of things to get lined up and then they'll be announced.  I'm hoping...and expecting...2014 to be a very good year.

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