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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Comic Material Only:
 A Caliber Christmas 1991
A Caliber Christmas 1998
A Murder of Scarecrows GN
A Piece of Steak
Art of Aubrey Beardsley
Art of Currier & Ives
Art of Frederic Remington
Art of Heath Robinson
Art of JJ Grandville
Art of Mucha
Baker Street 1-5
Baker Street GN
Book of Apocrypha
Book of Genesis
Book of Tarot- 1991
Book of Tarot- 1996
Book of Tarot- GN 2013
Bounty 1-3
Caliber Presents 1-26
Calibrations 4
Cortez and Fall of the Aztecs 1-2
Dance of Death
Deadworld  vol. 1  10-26
Deadworld vol. 2  1-15
Deadworld vol. 3  1-6
Deadworld: Bits and Pieces GN
Deadworld: Chronicles
Deadworld: Classics 1
Deadworld: Classics 2
Deadworld: Deadkiller
Deadworld: Omnibus
Deadworld: Requiem for the World GN
Deadworld: Slaughterhouse 1
Deadworld: Slaughterhouse HC
Deadworld: The Deadkiller GN
Deadworld: To Kill a King 1-3
Deadworld: War of the Dead 1-5
Deadworld:Restoration 1-5
Disasters of War
Donnelly Tragedy
Dracula Puffin Classic
El Cid: The Conqueror GN
Frankenstein Puffin Classic   
Ghost Sonata 1-4
Ghost Sonata GN
Helsing 1-3
Helsing: DOA 1
Helsing: Legacy Born GN
High Caliber GN
Honour Among Punks GN
Illustrated Guide to Dinosaurs 1-2
Inferno 1
Inferno GN
Jack the Ripper GN
Killer and the King GN
Killer of Crows
Life and Death of Jesus Christ
Magus 1-2
Magus: DOA 1
Mammoth Book of Horror
Mammoth Book of Zombies
Mechanoids 1-3
Negative Burn vol. 1  13, 26
Negative Burn vol. 2  10, 21
Negative Burn: Summer Special
Night Pieces GN
No-Man’s Land
Of Scenes and Stories GN
Orlak GN
Pre-Raphelite Persuasion
Raven Chronicles 1-3, 5, 6, 9, 10
Raven Chronicles: Curious Cases of Raven Inc. GN
Raven Chronicles: Of Myths and Methods GN
Realm Handbook
Realm of the Dead 1-3
Realm of the Dead GN   
Realm vol. 2  1-13
Red Diaries 1-4
Red Diaries: A Conspiracy of Murder GN
Red Revolution
Renfield 1-2
Renfield: A Tale of Madness GN
Saint Germaine 1-8
Saint Germaine: Casanova’s Lament
Saint Germaine: Man in the Iron Mask
Saint Germaine: Restoration
Saint Germaine: Shadows Fall GN
Saint Germaine: Tales of an Immortal GN
Seeker 1-2
Seeker DOA 1
Seeker: Identity Crisis GN
Sherlock Holmes Reader 1-4
Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Moulin Rouge GN
Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Moulin Rouge GN
Siege of the Alamo
Sin Eternal: Return to Dante’s Inferno GN
Sinergy 1-5
Song of the Cid 1-2
Spirit of the Samurai
Street Shadows GN
Thumbscrew 1-3
Troy 1-2
Troy: An Empire in Siege GN
True Spy Stories
Twilight People GN
While 50 Million Died
Zelda's Zombie Zoo GN
Zulunation 1-3
Zulunation: End of Empire


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