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Tuesday, June 23, 2009



New series IN FULL COLOR coming from IDW in August 2012.

Check out the website, for more information and a preview.

A supernatural plague has been unleashed on the world. The dead return to walk the earth...but this is no standard zombie story. The dead are just soldiers for those who have crossed the Gateway. The leader zombies are intelligent, sadistic, and in addition to having a hankering for flesh, enjoy the tortuous ordeals they put the surviving humans through.

Leader of the zombies is the intelligent, Harley riding, sarcastic being known as King Zombie. Killing humans is just a sideline to his cruel methods as he seeks to find a way to open the gates permanently and take over the earth.

Deadworld is a horror comic that attacks the zombie menace from a different perspective. In addition to having intelligent zombies with a goal and mission, Deadworld is also exploring the human interactions as mankind finds itself facing extinction. While some groups organize in the best interests of self-preservation, others use this as an opportunity to explore their own self deluded dreams.

Deadworld is a story of horror...of survival...of hope and despair. It is an ongoing saga of modern man facing his darkest side...where science and technology are no longer his allies...where his power of reasoning is no longer his weapon alone. Deadworld is death, yet life.

Deadworld is a comic series with over 70 issues published by Arrow Comics, Caliber Comics, Image, Desperado, and now currently, IDW. Over 700,000 issues have been sold.

For more information about Deadworld, visit the website.


Anonymous said...

So any info on the IDW color version of Deadworld? Im really excited for it.

By the way Last Siesta was great!Could it be that Raga becomes one of the Rare intelligent Zombies?

Gary Reed said...

Hope to have some information about that shortly. It was originally slated for an anthology title but that looks to be kaput, but working on some other ideas.

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