Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Motor City Con

Just in case anyone is attending Motor City Convention on May 15-17, it looks like I will be attending after all. Joe Pruett of Desperado Publishing will be setting up and asked me to join him at his booth. Joe will be promoting his entire line but will be spotlighting his gorgeous art books (Brian Bolland, P. Craig Russell, Joe Jusko, and Tim Bradstreet) plus the newly arrived Clive Barker's Age of Desire. Motor City Convention has an attendance around 12-15,000 (just a guess) and is a big media as well as comic convention. Some of the media guests include Carrie Fisher, Gil Gerard, Julie Newmar, Tom Savini, and over two dozen more favorites from science fiction, wrestling, and classic TV. Some of the comic guests include Tim Bradstreet, Frank Brunner, Guy Davis, Vince Locke, Tom DeFalco, Dave Dorman, Russ Heath, Ron Frenz, Mark Texeira, Billy Tucci, Dwayne McDuffie, Denis Kitchen, and over 40 others. Since I will be at Desperado's booth, I will primarily be promoting my Desperado titles (A Murder of Scarecrows, Deadworld, Renfield, Saint Germaine, Red Diaries, etc.) but plan to have other stuff "behind the counter". Be sure to stop by and if make it there. Motor City Convention Gary

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