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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sin Eternal

A modern retelling of Dante's Inferno.

Sin Eternal is more than just a re-tooling of the immortal classic, Dante’s Inferno. It plants itself firmly in the modern world and away from the political crimes that dominated Dante’s work. It brings a very basic questioning of the man’s faith as he witnesses some of the most horrendous punishments that could be exacted. The story covers the travels of the man who is sent to hell to examine the various torments and punishments that the sinners of Earth are forced to face each moment of eternity. From the slovenly gluttons to the fates of the suicides, from the heretics to the thieves, a variety of different levels are covered. 

Each level of hell is illustrated by a different artist.  Galen Showman is the continuity artist that handles the scenes between the various levels.  Some of the artists included in Sinergy are:  Vince Locke, Michael Lark, Jim Calafiore, Guy Davis, Dalibor Talijac, Mark Bloodworth, Nate Pride, David Mack, and many others. 
For more information, visit the website.


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