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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In this haunting and sophisticated series, Renfield tells a tale of madness as it delves into the story of the bug-eating prophet of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
In the original novel, Renfield was the insane inmate who foretold the coming of the evil vampire and served somewhat as a disciple of Dracula.
This story explores not only the relationship of Dracula and Renfield but the torment that Renfield felt as a man possessed by almost demonic forces. Impassioned with the zeal of a religious fanatic, Renfield struggles to grasp the overwhelming need to serve the darkness against his humanity.
Staying true to the original story in chronological order and events, the comic story line focuses primarily prior to Dracula's actual arrival in England.
As Renfield is slowly being consumed by the madness because of the visions and voices that intrude upon his dreams and nightmares, he must try to understand the mysterious message that his "master" or "messiah" (Dracula) is asking of him.
Upon discovering that Dracula is offering him eternal life in exchange for servitude, Renfield comes to grasp that in order for a being like Dracula to live, others must die.

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