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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baker Street

Baker Street, a violent intrusion into a world that doesn't exist but possibly could have. It is a story of rebellion yet also one of belonging. It dives deep into a world on the fringe and exposes it's underbelly and treats the normal world as the outside . It is Baker Street and no, you won't find Holmes or Watson here but you will find Harlequin, Sam, Susan, Toby, Toller, the Ripper, and far too many other fascinating characters to list.

Nominated for "Best New Series" in the Harvey Awards the industry standard for excellence in 1990.  The collection from iBooks was also nominated in 2004 for a Harvey Award (some 14 years later!).

Written by Gary Reed and Guy Davis with art by Guy Davis.  Released as ten issues, collected into two trade paperbacks from Caliber.  In 2003, all the Baker Street material was collected into a single volume and released by iBooks and distributed by Simon and Schuster.

For more information, visit the website.


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