Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keeping Busy

Been planning to update sooner than this and wanted to go in depth on a couple of topics.  It's kinda funny, I don't think many people read the blog but I'm always surprised how many emails I get regarding something I said in the blog and often times, it leads to some curious circumstances.  One of these days, will have to explore that.

The main reason I haven't blogged recently is the same reason I'm virtually non-existent on facebook...just way too busy.  Maybe because its I'm getting older but I just can't seem to juggle things as well as I used to and I have found myself for the last couple of months in a deep pit of  behindness that I just can't seem to climb out of...although this last week made a lot of progress.

It makes me realize I have to start adjusting some things.  Just too much going on.  School is a huge demand and that has to take priority.  I have some 200 students and there's a sense of responsibility that can't be lessened just because I'm behind on something else.  So, school always comes first.  I never know why some semesters seem to operate on cruise control almost and others, it's everything I can do to stay on top of things.  Every semester I redo my lectures somewhat...after all, if you're teaching subjects such as Genetics and Evolution...the information they find out each year is stunning.  I read 4-5 journals (or try to) each month and I can't keep up with all the changes.  What we've learned in the last year in each of those fields completely shakes up what we knew before.

Running two publishing companies was maybe more of a strain than I had anticipated.  The simple act of publishing isn't hard but each project requires handling and some are more labor intensive than others.  Of course, as Transfuzion expands and Binary grows, you end up dealing with a lot more people.  I am probably n touch with a few dozen creators on a weekly basis and then you add the students, the orders and inquiries about the various books, and it ends up with a 1,000 or more emails a week...and that doesn't include the spam.  Some creators like to talk on the phone, but man, I just don't have the time.

But maybe it was just a rough patch.  I do sort of see daylight approaching where I'm not scrambling from on thing to the next so hopefully, things will just go back to being hectic...and no longer crazy hectic. I need things to lessen as my DVR is getting full as I rarely even glimpse TV and I don't really watch that many shows to begin with..  All the shows I watch have shifted to folders because I have the last 4-5 episodes to watch.

The most frustrating thing is of course not being able to spend time writing.  I'm managing to squeeze in another Deadworld mini-series and I have this mystery series that is coming along well...but there are still quite a few projects that I just have to look longingly at while I shuffle them to the bottom of the pile continuously.

Guess the purpose of this blog was to at least update it and bitch a little.  Next time, I'll give the status of the Deadworld series forthcoming as well as information on two other projects that are getting close to announcing.  I think one of them will go the kickstarter route so of course, that means I have to be more active online.

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