Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Storyville Graphic Novel

Well, I decided to take the Kickstarter plunge and have my first project up and running. Before I forget to put it in, here's the link to the Kickstarter project.

Storyville: The Prostitute Murders is an original graphic novel about a serial killer murdering prostitutes in Storyville. Storyville was the legalized red light district in New Orleans for about 25 years and this takes place at the heyday of Storyville, 1910. The Detective in charge of the investigation has been stymied so his bosses force him to start working with the new director of the local asylum, Saint James' Infirmary, to solve the crime. Dr. Eric Trevor has studied murder, including the infamous Jack the Ripper case, to obtain clues on how to figure out how the criminal mind works. Together, the two, along with some of Detective Donahue's assistants, start to piece together the brutal murders and find a connection. It is a police procedural mystery that also delves into the world of the insane as the story shifts from the brothels to the asylum. I, along with Wayne, really tried to keep the historical aspects accurate and also tell a good story that moves along centralized on the investigation.
The art on the book is by Wayne Reid who was my collaborator on graphic novels such as Zulunation (named as 1 of the 7 Best War Graphic Novels), El Cid, A Murder of Scarecrows, and a single issue story length tale of Sherlock Holmes. The Holmes tale, entitled "The Retired Detective" will be offered as a comic for the first time and available only as a kickstarter incentive. it previously appeared in a graphic novel collection from IDW, "Curious Cases of Sherlock Holmes". Another incentive will be the "Girls of Storyville" which is a print set of 8 girls all drawn by different artists. This set commemorates the "Blue Books" of Storyville, a guide book to the prostitutes and brothels. There are other incentives and mostly books that I wrote with Wayne as artist but there are others as well. Plus, there's the rare opportunity to get original art from Wayne and even have yourself put into the book. Hope you find it interesting and maybe enticing! Here's the link to Storyville: The Prostitution Murders and if you watch the video, please excuse my rough attempt. First time at things can be rough.


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