Friday, December 13, 2013

Night Pieces gets Best of 2013

NIGHT PIECES, the anthology that collected some of my earlier short stories, was announced as Best Collected / Archival Book for 2013 by Decapitated Dan's annual list.  Decapitated Dan, aka Dan Royer, is a horror enthusiast and runs a variety of websites, blogs, podcasts, and the Ghastly Awards in order to build and maintain the awareness of horror comics.

Night Pieces features a variety of stories, most prominently from various Caliber editions (High Caliber, Caliber Presents, Negative Burn) but also from more recent editions such as Chillers.

Here's what Dan had to say about the collection:

"I love Gary Reed. He has to be one of my favorite writers around, so when he put out Night Pieces I was excited. This book collects some of his short stories from over the years by various artists. In this collection is a recent story found in Chillers Vol. 2 that I absolutely loved called “A Mother’s Beauty”. This story alone, is worth the cover price on this book, and you should own it twice, so go buy Chillers too! There is also a fantastic story illustrated by Mark Bloodworth and a Deadworld story that everyone needs to read. I am very happy that this collection came out because some of these stories were hard to find in their original comics. This is a great book, that is well worth every penny " 

But be sure to check out Dan's blog (link) so you can see what other great horror titles were honored by Dan.


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