Monday, May 20, 2013

On those writing projects....

I actually am making headway on some projects that I've wanted to work on and it looks like 2013 should be a busy year as far as the writing goes.  I do have some OLD business (in terms of projects) to finish which I plan to this year.

First up, I will be finishing the last bit (mostly modifications) for the Deadworld mini-series coming out.  The artist, Sami Makkonen, has already drawn the first three issues but he was brought in on a hush-hush project that he just couldn't turn down.  So, Deadworld: Resurrection will start up in November of this year.  It will ship monthly.

I plan to finally finish off Subversives, a trade paperback in mostly comic format, although there are a variety of illustrations and photos used and this covers stories of traitors, spies, and other malcontents.  This will likely be the first project I finish.

Coming in October will be a special illustrated book which I don't want to reveal much on but I will be enlisting the aid of some 25 different artists to contribute to it.  There will be a special edition released at Detroit Fanfare and the plan is to have all the participating artists be in attendance at Fanfare so someone could get every contributor to autograph  it at the show.  I am thinking of doing an indiegogo project for it so the artists can at least get some money up front and not have to wait for royalties only.

A project that I actually wrote awhile ago called The Rain People and is sort of an offshoot of The Raven Chronicles (but meant to stand totally on its own).  The first issue is actually drawn but I don't know if he will be able to do the rest at this time.  If not, I have another artist in mind who is raring to go.  This project was actually commissioned by a publisher who after the first issue was pencilled had to back out because their funding didn't come through.  At least the artist was paid for his work.

My most ambitious project is geared towards an ongoing series which is set in New Orleans during the early 1900s.  At once a detective type series, it also delves into the time period and treatment of criminals and the insane. The artist is Wayne Reid and he's already through part of issue one.  When the second issue is done in a few weeks, I may launch this as a kickstarter project.  I think those that liked Saint Germaine and Red Diaries will like this least I think they will.

Speaking of Saint Germaine, I really want to get back to doing at least a limited series on that, if not an ongoing .  But its a tough market out there for this type of material, I realize that.  But I'm structuring the storyline and hope to find an artist and will check to see if I can land it with a publisher.  Yes, I have Transfuzion but that is not geared up to do comics.

Another comic series I'd like to get back to is A Murder of Scarecrows.  I did have a publisher express some interest in it but their plans seem to be moving into a different direction.  In today's market, that seems to happen a lot...reality can waylaid the best of plans.

I was hired by a company to write a novel centering around the Biblical tale told from Lucifer's point of view.   I have completed about 60,000 words of it and then company folded due to a totally unrelated problem.  I have been in discussion with the remainder of the company about either finishing it or doing it as a graphic novel.  They paid me in advance, and paid me well, so I'd like to finish it in some form and get it out there.

Another novel that I really plan to get to is the Deadworld novel.  I have been putting this off for a couple of reason.  One is the potential movie deal which looks to be pretty much a non-starter at this point but mainly because I wanted to get Deadworld to a certain place in terms of story.  I wanted to move it far away from the beginning days into where its headed now.  I understand a lot of fans love the early Deadworld, as do I, but I think for a good story, it has to be more than that.  I don't want it to be just another "humans running form the dim-witted zombies" tale.  One of the reasons that I plan to get so much done in the next month or so is that I plan to devote almost all of my time to the novel as now I know where its going.

So, that's my summer plans.  How's yours shaping up?


Steven Philip Jones said...

Wow, that sounds like a busy summer! Best of luck on all those projects, Gary. :-)

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