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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comic Con Report- Day 3

I figured I’d start posting two of these each day just to get them closed off.

On Day 3, Friday of the con, my strategy to stay up later in order to sleep in and adjust my EST schedule, failed to some extent.  Again, up around 6.  The Omni had a Starbucks that opened at 6 so it was manageable.  I sat outside and watched the endless stream of people already arriving at the con to stand in line for whatever they were standing in line for.  I was surprised how early it was and yet the crossing over the trolley lines were almost already full.

I ran into Dave Scoggy outside and we talked a bit.  I would end up running into Dave numerous times at the show and that’s how it works.  Some people you see constantly and others you never come across.

Prior to the convention, I had gone through the schedule with MySched and then printed off all the panels I was interested in attending.  I generally dislike going to panels but wanted to attend some, usually the ones that were more business oriented.  I got the list down to about 12 that would have some interest but only ended up attending one for the entire duration.  This one was dealing with copyright issues and some interesting cases were brought up as well as some issues that are just beginning to come to the forefront.  It seems with the digital aspect, there are a lot of concerns coming to a head pretty soon.

I was asked earlier to stop by a booth to meet with an online company so I hooked up with them and we worked out some of the details about doing an all new Deadworld series online.  I had been thinking about that and by the time the meeting was over, I had a pretty good idea of what approach I was going to do so once that gets ready, I’ll be able to announce the all new series appearing online.

Afterwards, met with an entertainment lawyer that I had set up the meeting with a few weeks ago.  That’s one aspect of the Hollywood presence at Comic Con, it saves time and travel as you can schedule meetings at the con and save a trip to LA.  Things went well and some problems that I had with a previous contract seemed able to be corrected.  It was a good meeting and I will likely be heading out to LA in a month or so to confirm some other aspects.

As I said, Stephanie and Jessica spent the night in downtown at a friend’s place so once they got up, they picked me up and we headed back to Ocean Beach, Jessica’s place.  From there, we decided to head to Sea World, just minutes away as Stephanie had never been there.  So, instead of walking around the con, I walked around Sea World.  Saw the obligatory things like the dolphins, sea-lions, and Shamu plus rode the coaster.  It was a nice park and the girls got season passes so they could go back as many times as they wanted.

Returning to Ocean Beach, I ventured to the ocean as the girls got ready as we were heading out to dinner.  We drove to Old Town where we met up with Dennis, Tim, and Graptho who came by taxi from the con.  We had dinner at a Mexican place (what else in Old Town?) and then walked around a bit and Dennis got some souvenirs for his kids.

We all caught the trolley back towards the convention and then we went to the Preview Party for the movie premiere of Bad Kids go to Hell.  Outside of Judd Nelson, all the actors were there and we stayed there for awhile.  After that, we left and then went to a local bar that Jessica frequented.  After a couple of drinks, the girls stayed as some of their friends were coming but the rest of us left to go back to the hotel.  

It’s kinda strange sitting at a bar with your daughters but on the other hand, they’re both mature and were in their element but still an interesting dynamic shift that occurs.

Back at the hotel, we grabbed a drink or two and I was still dealing with the midnight hour being 3 AM my time.   The other guys also wanted to turn in early as they were all entered into the zombie obstacle course early the next day and  I had absolutely no interest in joining them.


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