Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer's Over?

I can't believe it. Summer is officially over for me. I had my first class today. Man, it sure seems this semester started earlier than any I can remember. Even my students thought this was college year came sooner than expected. Even though the temp hit the low 90's, I still had the feeling summer was gone. If you're so inclined, I have an interview via podcast that's up on Comic Related. Here's the link to the podcast at Comic Related. I also mentioned last time that there was an interview in From the Tomb magazine, a leading horror mag in the U.K. The pages are up on my site here. I'm reading with some interest about the whole Robert Kirkman video in which he declares that creators should do their own books instead of Marvel and DC. I'm summarizing quite a bit here because I have not watched it but I think that the gist of it. I have no opinion on it as I haven't really thought about it but what I did find interesting were the discussions on some of the various sites regarding that and of course, they venture into a lot of other areas related to the matter. I'm always surprised at how much mis-information gets spewed out from people who really have no knowledge of what they're promoting as reality. I'm not going into specifics but just a warning that there's a lot of people who spout their wisdom as truth and they just don't have any clue to the real events. With all the hoopla about the Watchmen movie buzzing about, I decided to go back and read the graphic novel. I read it when it first came out but had not re-read it as I tend not to read books twice or watch movies more than once. I have found however, on many movies, that I like them more the second time than the first. So, maybe that was the expectation I had going into my re-visit to Watchmen. But I was strangely disappointed. I loved the fist half but the second part seemed to bog down. The whole pirate scene in the comic that the kid was reading actually started irritating me and I found the best way to handle it was to read that part in its entirety and then go back to the main comic and just ignore the Tales of the Black Freighter. Don't get me wrong, I think it was still a great book but the second time around sort of dulled the memory I had of it (whereas From Hell was completely the opposite). I also think that Watchmen will make one hell of a movie and from what I've seen so far, it appears that they're doing it right. Now all we need to do is get Fox out of the picture with their claims. It should be fun watching the fans reaction if Fox manages to screw up the release. Will fans retaliate against Fox? Keeping it short this time...after all, I got classes to prepare for. Don't forget that Slaughterhouse is still available to order and the artist, Sami Makkonen did a fantastic job on it. More information here.


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