Sunday, April 13, 2008

Publishing again

Well, I think I warned you...the few people who read this blog...that I'd be slow with the posts. When I did a column for Komikwerks, it seemed more of a job and I felt obligated to make sure I posted an article each week. Even though this blog is essentially the same thing, I just find myself too lazy to post often. But it goes with the blogging territory...there's the consistent bloggers and then the more common sporadic bloggers. And some of those average 1-3 blogs a month. It just comes down to deciding if I have anything important to say (not just to you readers...but myself as well). And do I want to share what I have to say. I find it incredible just how many people put forth all of their personal beliefs in their blogs. I've always tried to keep it focused purely on the "business" side of things. But that may change. I've been giving a lot of thought to some new directions in my life and no, not any kind of mid-life crisis or anything. There are some things that tie in closer with my beliefs and my professional career both in comics and teaching and I'm looking to bring them together. Not sure how this impacts anything regarding Transfuzion or my writing and that's one of the things I have to explore. But first, I have to take care of getting Transfuzion launched, completing this semester, and tackling the dreaded deadline projects. Transfuzion now has 4 releases with 2 more coming in the next week or so. Lots of work for the next few (much more work than I had anticipate) and it leads me to remembering why I got out of publishing in the first place. There is an enormous amount of time sucked away just by answering emails and dealing with the day to day stuff that pops up with creators, distributors, press, retailers, etc. And Transfuzion is taking it low key at this point. I don't see much sense making any kind of aggressive push when we only have a few titles out. I mentioned last time that the Diamond orders were light and it was fully expected. However, we have been getting some reorders already which was a surprise and the numbers on some of the future books have shot up dramatically. So, a pleasant surprise. Another part of publishing I remember now is just how many people want to get into this industry. It's like if you put the word publishing anywhere near your company name, just expect to get swamped. And another part I remember is just how many people who really "want" to get in the business, will never make it. Not just because of talent but because they can't deliver what they're supposed to. I can't tell you how many people can talk a good game but don't come through. Now, I know why they're not successful. Don't want to end this on a negative note. I made my rare visit to a comic shop last week. I have to say, I'm surprised at how the industry is going. There is an incredible amount of very unique material out there that is maybe not breaking new ground but certainly covering it well. Of course, there's the usual Marvel and DC stuff that I just can't even look at anymore. When I see discussions, reviews, etc. about this stuff (Secret Wars again? Are you kidding me?)...I realized I've become one of those people who just "doesn't get" comics. I used to but man, to me most of that stuff is just plain drek. No offense to anyone working on those books but I imagine you get a good paycheck. Uh, guess it went a bit negative, didn't it. Well, it doesn' t matter on that stuff. If you Canadian, a recently aired show called Zombiemania takes a look at the zombie culture and exploitation. Very well done and they show a couple of Deadworld covers in there. Convention alert. I...and Transfuzion...will be at Motor City Con in May and Wizard World Chicago in...whenever it is.


Anonymous said...

It's got to be rough for the big two to just keep moving the sticks together in random combinations trying to get something to spark.

There are only so many "bold new reimaginings" and " perfect jumping on places for new readers" you can publish before it starts to hit the same old groove and becomes same old same old.

Spiderman is Spiderman is Spiderman.

What's the point of killing Superman?

Deconstructing the super hero myth re-envisioning icon has become old hat.

I totally agree with what you personally were trying to do with your Caliber titles and I hope that same Independant vision will cotinue in Your new Tranzfusion push back the boundries of what comics could and should be.

I glad your still hip to the needs of cutting edge artists, writers, creators and fans...

I'm sure it's only natural that you would be bombarded by the freshest and most talented young minds in the Industry. You have always seemed to plant your flag on the edge of the new frontier. Few publishers have your vision.

Luckly the same is not to be said of the fans... Transfuzion is the place you go when when you outgrow
your utilty belt and your web shooters.

Can't wait to set my sights on
the new frontier,

Gary Francis

Gary said...

Well, Caliber was considered by many to be a launching pad for many creators but I considered it more of a landing pad for a lot of talented newbies to find a spot to get their voices heard.

As for Transfuzion, I don't expect anything major that will affect the "comics" market as the goal is to reach out to other markets. If we can appeal to the traditional comics market, great but that's not the focus at this time.

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